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a ugandan textile and clothing movement
aiduke means to build or to make in Ateso, and that is our essence. Through collaborative initiatives with local designers and artisanal textile producers, we are working to rebuild Uganda’s textile and clothing industry; to make our own. It is a herculean task. The once prosperous Ugandan textile industry has suffered significantly since the 1970s and has not recovered from the shocks of
market liberalisation and globalisation to be able to create jobs, textiles and clothing for the country’s population of 47 million. The industry is still stalled by the lack of investment and the suffocating influx of second-hand textiles, which are the main source of clothing for Ugandans.

aiduke container
After the success of our first pop-up shop in 2021, aiduke is back with a container shop at 32° East in Kabalagala. We celebrate a vibrant group of young, creative designers who are telling inspiring stories about their dreams for Uganda‘s textile industry.

aiduke new life facility
aiduke and BUZIGAHILL are proposing a purpose-built textile processing facility, designed specifically to give second-hand clothes and textiles a new life through upcycling. Fast-fashion producers in the global North continue to overproduce cheap clothing that is eventually dumped in markets in the global South. The influx of second-hand clothing to Uganda and other African countries will continue to grow and without intervention, local textile and garment production will continue to feel the suffocating impact. The aiduke new life facility will develop a local upcycling supply chain using second-hand clothing and provide training and employment for Ugandans. The facility will also fill the current deficit in service providers for designers looking to produce competitive, quality fashion using second-hand as a source of materials.

aiduke is a non-profit registered in Uganda
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